$10 Commissions & MORE!

I have a bunch of things leftover from when I closed my Etsy shop back in March, and I am looking to get rid of them and make some extra cash for the holidays! So I have put together sets & lots and listed them on my facebook page, most for just $15 each — including S&H! Click through for more info:

Send me your idea & $10 and I'll send you a little drawing!

And here's the fine print, even though it's still the same size...

Paypal $10 and your idea to and I will create a 5x7 or smaller work of art for you! Yes, bookmarks too! These will be quick drawings, with maybe a little ink or paint, all to be mailed out in time for Christmas.

US addresses only, but as usual, if you're in another country and really want one, let me know & I'll check additional postage.

AND if you're ordering a set from I'll knock off $5 and ship them together!

Create 1 Treasury, Be in 16!

I thought I'd start a fun game here to bring new views to your shop and hopefully some sales! Please read the rules below:

1. COPY the list from the last comment above yours, and PASTE it into a new Comment box.

2. Add the link for your shop onto the next number (make sure there is a space between number and link). Please make sure your shop has items in it and is not set to vacation mode or you will be excluded!

3. When all 17 spots are filled, everyone will pick one item from each shop to make a treasury (skipping your own shop).

4. Post links to your treasuries here on this same thread. Please try to complete within 1 week of the list being filled up.

5. Promote and share your treasury in your teams, on facebook, twitter, pinterest, and wherever....!

Have fun!!!


Hello from your new (interim?) owner!

Hello there! Last night, after not being able to post anything, I noticed that the account of our only maintainer/moderator had been purged & deleted; so I sent a request to the LJ Help Desk since I wasn't able to post here, to find out what to do. This morning I woke up and found myself the new owner of the group! o.O

Since I am not 100% sure that I can maintain a community with everything else I have going on right now, I was hoping that there might be other members in the group who would be willing to step in and take over ownership. Please let me know!

Meanwhile, I'll try to clear out the queue so people can post and do anything else that needs doing... Feel free to comment with any questions or concerns and I'll try to help!
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Hi all! So it seems that I am in semi-desperate need of some money so I am having a major sale at my Etsy Shop! I just updated again too, lots of quartz crystal point stuff!


20% off everything with the code "MAGIC" :). This is only until THIS FRIDAY when I'm going to have to put the shop on 'vacation' for a little bit!

Thanks so much for taking a look and any signal boosting is greatly, greatly appreciated!

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Is there anyone in charge of the group now? I am having trouble posting a regular post, I am not sure why, but I keep getting the message:

Error updating journal: Client error: Maximum queued posts for this community+poster combination reached.

I haven't posted since October, so I am wondering what the problem could be, but am not sure who to direct my question to...
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Fall Impressions at Faerie Gardens

As summers humid oppressiveness wears thin, thoughts of fall’s cool breezes stir our souls. Here at Faerie Gardens, the change of seasons is always a time to both contemplate and celebrate. This year we will be doing both with our new Fall Impressions line. Featuring both original one of a kind pieces....

Shining Sun, Happy Rainbow Sherbet, Sweet Cupcake, and Geek Atom

...and new custom orders with stamped or quilted impressions of those things that move us in the autumn season.

Made to your specifications!

These beautiful works of art are our way of sharing our joyful journey watching the leaves change, feeling the temperature drop, smelling the fallen leaves as we hear them crunch under our feet, and tasting the bounty of the autumn harvest in this colorful season! Click here to visit Faerie Gardens now!
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The Fable Tribe Update is Live~ <3

Our Glamourkin-centric update of The Fable Tribe is now live! There are many beautiful, and magic-filled lake-stone pendants, the regular Glamourkin shape of pendant, and some book and circle Glamourkins as well. We've also debuted the Glamourkin Oracle!

Based on the idea of the glamourbomb (any act or creation that brings magic to the mundane), each Glamourkin is a one-of-a-kind pendant, made by pairing an illustration cut from an old, unloved fairy tale book with an original line of poetry meant to inspire magic.

Glamourkins are designed to be worn as pendants on a necklace chain or ribbon, but they can be used to invoke magic in other ways. Dangled from your rear-view mirror, hung in a window, placed upon your bedside table or tacked up in your workspace, they are little reminders of enchantment and the magic that is inherent within you.

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Faerie Garden Fancies must reduce their inventory! We have TONS of delightful items that are 50% OFF in our C L E A R A N C E section RIGHT NOW!

No coupon codes, no adjusted invoices, just 50% off everything in the C L E A R A N C E section!

This is to make way for a new summer product line that we will be announcing in the near future! Check us out at Faerie Gardens Fancies and enjoy the clearance sale prices.
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